Buying Direct from Us

The finest French wine is sold en primeur. Before it is bottled, customers are invited to secure a crop from the next harvest – we have embraced this concept to offer you the chance to pre-order your lamb and beef. Across the year, a limited quantity will be released for sale.

We take our animals to the local slaughterhouse which is 30 minutes away and they are then butchered by our local master butcher – Sam Blunt. The meat is chilled, vac packed and sent via 24 hour courier to you. We only use paper tape on our boxes and natural wool insulation from Wool Cool – we believe this is the most sustainable way to get our products to you and Wool Cool is a British company using only British wool – supporting other British companies is something we strongly believe in.

En Primeur Lamb boxes

£90 – includes free delivery in Wiveliscombe, add £12 for 24hour courier throughout the UK

Our half lamb selection box includes:

1 Leg
1 Shoulder
1 Rack
1 or 2  500g packs of mince

En Primeur 28-day dry aged Beef boxes

£140 for a 10kg selection box or £75 for a 5kg selection box, add £12 for 24hour courier throughout the UK

Our 10kg and 5kg beef selection boxes are all different but typically include:

2/3 roasting joints (topside/silverside/brisket/slow ribs)

2/3 packs of 2 steaks (typically fillet, sirloin or rump)

2/3 packs of mince in 500g bags

Burgers in packs of 2

Diced beef in 500g bags

We typically have fresh lamb boxes available in late Spring/early Summer and fresh beef in Spring and Autumn.  We are very lucky that our grass fed lamb and beef boxes sell out quickly so we keep a waiting list.   If you would like to be notified of the next release, or to register your interest, please contact Alexis through or message her via social media.